Welcome to Occupational Therapy Connections

Occupational Therapy Specialists Providing Comprehensive Treatment

We are a private practice Occupational Therapy clinic on the northeast side of Indianapolis. We are specialists in providing evaluation and treatment of children, teenagers, and adults with sensory processing and sensori-motor challenges, fine and gross motor skill deficits, self-regulatory difficulties, and challenges performing daily tasks at home, school, or work.

What Makes Us Unique

Occupational Therapists Expertise
All treatment is provided by experienced and licensed occupational therapists who have developed expertise in Sensory Processing and Integration, reflex integration, fine and gross motor skill development, self-regulation, and trauma-informed intervention.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach
We are one of very few clinics in Indiana combining comprehensive treatment of sensory processing needs and skill development with reflex integration work, resulting in improved outcomes and function. Instead of just providing strategies to work around problem areas, this treatment is designed to remediate or improve function, comfort, and skills.

Family-Centered Treatment and Collaboration
Parents are present during treatment sessions in order to provide parent education and training designed to empower parent’s ability to continue therapy activities at home for improved function.

Therapists can make recommendations or accommodations for schools and are glad to collaborate with school staff, counselors, doctors, and other providers for continuity of care and best function.

We are glad to speak with you if you are interested in learning more about the services available at Occupational Therapy Connections or if you have questions.   Please call us at:

(317) 581-1185.